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Beat Me Beat Me software was designed to be a loop auditioning tool that will allow loop extraction from large wave files
Size: 216 KB
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extraction extractor loop editor wave tap tempo loop  
Beat Them Down Beat Them Down is a free and multi bot login utility that has 3 boot options
Size: 146 KB
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free bot multi free bot login multi bot login boot options  
@ beat Free multimedia Alarm Clock (can start for example MP3s at bell time) with an...
Size: 146KB
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reason beat maker fruit loop beat play free mobile  
Beat X Simple time to Beat (internet time) converter
Size: 410.16K
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time converter hectic time converter simple time  
Beat It A virtual synthesizer to help you with your work.
Size: 2 MB
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audio synthesizer synthesize audio synthesizer synthesize  
BEAT Small metronome program for DOS
Size: 8 KB
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metronome beat signature time signature metronome tool  

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FlexiMusic Beat Studio Using FlexiMusic Beat Studio anyone can compose own songs and tunes at home easily by mixing various music pieces and samples of your choice. Various sounds can be created with just one sample. Compos
Size: 27.8 MB
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composer lyrics mixer music composer melody track beat loop  
Zulu DJ Software for Mac Zulu is virtual DJ mixing software for Mac.
Size: 321 KB
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detect beat beat find beat track music Scan Music  
AtomixMP3 AtomixMP3 lets you mix your MP3 like a DJ with an automatic beat matching algorithm
Size: 0.00 KB
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mp3 player MP3 Player BPM Counter pitch pitch control  
FutureDecks Express Mix songs like a pro DJ using instant beat-matching, loops and effects
Size: 7.1 MB
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mixer mix DJ mix music mixer turntable Mix songs mix song  
VIRTUAL DJ PROPHET - TURNTABLE STUDIO Mix and Scratch MP3, WMA, WAV's on 2 Virtual DJTurntables, with Beat-Matching !
Size: 10.95 MB
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mix wav file mix beat wav mix Mix WAV dj mix beat matching  
FutureDecks Lite This program is a complex DJ mixing solution
Size: 4.55 MB
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mixer mix DJ mixer Mix songs mix song mix beat  

mix beat in description

DJ Mix Lite DJ mix Lite s designed to play continuous music with cross fading, beat matching mixes between songs. DJ Mix Lite has built in Beatlock Technology that makes it beat-aware. This technology does not al...
Size: -
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mobile power dvd player free flash player mp4 music player  
Virtual Deck DJ Mixing Suite Works just like two real Decks where you can mix each track together and beat match them to sound perfect.
Size: 575.32K
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mix production mix Mix audio Realtime Audio Processor  
AbhorDJ Audio mixing utility that allows you to change tempo and key of mixed tracks independently. See audio graphics and beats. Mix songs with beat matching. Precision manual beat detection. [b]Limitations:...
Size: 2.1 MB
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audio mix song audio tempo change tempo Audio mixing  
Admix DJ It will also enable you to actually see audio graphics and beats. Mix songs with matching beats. Precision manual beat detection. Main features: [ul][li]change tempo and key of mixed tracks independen...
Size: 4.7 MB
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audio mix Mix audio track  
The Hot Mix MC The Hot mix MC is a free and useful program that enables a person to mix, beat match, and organize MP3, WMA and OGG files on their PC or laptop. It also gives you the possibility to setup a playlist t...
Size: 5.73MB
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mp3 OGG wma mp3 organizer mp3 mixer mix mp3 mp3 mix  
Hercules DJ Control MP3 [/li] Plugging DJ Control to laptop makes a mobile beat DJ machine [li]High precision wheels and buttons for DJ mixing.[/li] DJing is easier with real DJcontrol than with a mouse or a keyboard Play o...
Size: 3.24MB
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